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Decorating Problem Solved

I’ve had so many customers come into my booth and tell me about their ugly utility panels near their kitchens.  They are usually customers who have just moved into recently built condos and they are searching for a decorating solution to this unsightly problem.

We are currently staying in a lovely little condo in Breckenridge, CO.  I can now see, first hand, what everyone is talking about!

Decorating Problem

Who were the architects who thought this was a good idea?  Why could they not have placed this ugly thing in a closet??

If this is a problem with which you are confronted I do have a couple of options for you.  Quilts are light weight and easily removable, should you need to access the utility panel.

Here is a photo sent to me by one customer of a piece I custom made for her.  It was similar in size to my “Wall Hanging – Red Purple Orbs”.  We changed it to a vertical orientation and made it a bit longer for the space.

Decorating Problem

The hanger is one that I often recommend to customers for easy hanging of my small to medium quilts.  They are from Ten Thousand Villages, a fair trade company.  They are made in Vietnam and fit my work well.   They come in four sizes and only require that you  put one or two small nails or hooks in your wall.  I must warn you, though, that shipping on these items can be very pricey so look for a local store.  I also have them for sale at my shows.

Another option for a solution to the ugly utility panel problem would be my Blue Raindrops and Green Raindrops.

Decorating Problems

I did not have a chance to list these yet but they are currently for sale at $400 each.  They are framed with black metal frames and measure 33″x 14″.  Just contact me if you are interested.  They can also be made a few inches wider if you desire.  The photo was taken in my booth with the black mesh wall.

My Art Quilt – Looking Beyond 2 is also the perfect size for this situation.

Decorating Problems

There is a hanging sleeve on the upper back so this may be hung with a curtain rod, wooden dowel or the bamboo textile hanger mentioned earlier.

I’m happy to work with you on custom colors and sizes.  Art quilts are a perfect solution to the problem of covering up ugly utility panels and adding some beautiful art to your living space.



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