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Easter Quilt – A Celebration of Spring

I was commissioned by Salford Mennonite Church in Harleysville, PA, to make an Easter Quilt this spring.  Here is a short summary of my process.

After multiple sketches and consultations with Beth Yoder, one of the pastors, and hand dyer, Vicki Welsh, we settled on a design.

Easter Quilt


This time I took the advice of a guild member during one of my lectures.  She suggested I take my line drawing to Staples to have them print it out to scale.  They were able to print it on three very long rolls of paper.  I was ever so happy to learn of this great option.

I used this scale drawing to trace all my pattern pieces onto freezer paper.  The fabrics were then cut out using these freezer paper pieces  and they were then appliqued to the whole cloth background.

Here you can get an idea of the size.  My friend, Karen, is holding it from my upstairs banister and it reaches nearly to the lower floor.

I made the grave portion from a dark, almost black, fabric that looked like stone.   The interior of the grave is a series of squares sewn into a checker board pattern of light and medium yellows.   This is a picture of the quilt hanging on my 8 foot design wall with a portion of the quilt laying on the floor.

The background is a gradation of purple from dark to medium and the flares are combinations of Vicki’s “Under the Sea”, “Key West” and “Solar Flare” gradients.  She was ever so patient in working with me to get a beautiful and vibrant combination of colors.  You can check out her website here.

Rod took this picture this morning.  Don’t you love how the choice of flowers complement the colors of the Easter Quilt, too?

Easter Quilt

Thanks to Salford for the opportunity to make another commission quilt.

Happy Easter, everybody!


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  1. Thank you….the story of the process is fascinating….the end result is breathtaking. Your creativity and ability continue to astound me. What a gift you have created for Salford..

  2. I think your quilt is absolutely beautiful. I’m also a quilt/fabric artist but have never attempted a quilt that big. I guess my quilts are too fiddly.

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