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First Guild Lectures

This past week I gave my first two lectures at Ladybug Quilt Guild in Newark, DE, and Brandywine Valley Quilt Guild in Thornton, PA.  I took along some of my quilts and prepared a powerpoint presentation showing my work space and process photos of some of my quilts.

Since it was my first time speaking at a quilt guild I passed out a simple evaluation form to help me know what I was doing right and what I could improve. The responses for the lectures were pretty universal that they loved how I used unusual fabrics in my quilts (like silk and ikat) and they loved seeing the process photos of how I constructed the quilts. The overall negative was that I needed larger images and I needed to take more care in setting up my projector so that the images could be seen more clearly.

One interesting bit of feedback I got from the first lecture was they didn’t like my mentioning the price of some of my quilts. I thought it would be informative for them to see the progression of pricing from my first sales to some of my more complicated recent work. I listed the dimensions of all my quilts, as well, stating that some of the smaller ones were made at a lower price point for easier sales.  At the second lecture I never mentioned any prices. After that lecture the first question from someone in the audience was “What is the price of the largest quilt?” Go figure.

I’m glad my first lectures are done. I was nervous and worried about my presentation since I’d never been a quilt guild member and don’t have any experience lecturing. I met so many great people and was treated so well. Both groups treated me to dinner and they joined resources to put me up in a nice hotel. So many people asked if I teach classes. I guess that’s the next step. I will be teaching my first class on couching at the Birds of a Feather Longarm Event in Virginia Beach, Va, Feb. 6-8, 2015.

Here is a class description:
#1537 Artful Couching Plus Cording with the Innova E-Cording Attachment
Instructor: Rachel Derstine
Do you love the look of couching and texture on art quilts? Do you wish you had a way to “finish” your raw edge applique? Did you order the e-Cording attachment with your Innova and have yet to try it out? Discover how to add texture, flow and extra pizzazz with cording and yarn couching. This class will show you the many ways to use couching for definition and sparkle, by incorporating a variety of cording, yarns and metallic threads in your work. Rachel will also provide instruction on how to use these techniques on your domestic machine.
Supplies to bring: Pen and paper to draw and take notes.
Friday, February 6, 2015
Session 4 – 4:00pm to 6:00pm (2 hour class)
Innova Specific / Lecture & Demo / All Levels
Price: $60

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