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How to Choose Art for Your Home

Art Quilt - Last Glow

Are you stymied by the daunting task of choosing art for your home or office?  Do you make plans to attend a gallery opening or art show with the intent of finding that perfect piece of art to fit in your space, only to have all ideas of scale, color and style vanish with all the distractions of seeing so much art at once?

Wall Hanging - Autumn Breeze 2 in situ

Aside from measuring your space and noting general color schemes, here’s an idea.  Take a look through the Art Quilts section of my website and click on the individual images of each art quilt.  When you do this you’ll see thumbnails of alternate images of my artwork hanging in interior settings.  I try to give you a sense of the scale of the work and an example of a setting where it would fit well.

Art Quilt - Urban Dusk 2

Lest you think I really have this many rooms in my home let me set the record straight.  These images are all created using Adobe Photoshop.  I simply purchase stock photos of interior spaces and paste my artwork into the photos.  I love imagining how my artwork would look in beautiful settings and I think it helps you to think about how it would look your interior spaces.

Art Quilt - Snowy Evening 2

If you would like me to place one of my art quilts onto a photo of your interior space, just send me a photo.  Try to have good lighting and take it looking straight at the wall on which you would like your art to hang.

Art Quilt - Autumn Windows

Better yet, if you are local to me and wish to audition a quilt in your home I’d be more than happy to bring one over so you can see how it looks in your space.

Also, if you’re local to me you can see most of my current work  in the Gallery At CMS.  The opening reception is this Friday, Dec. 2, from 6-7PM with a holiday concert following. Can’t make the reception?  No worries,  the exhibit will continue through January, 2017.

Hope to see you there!


PS – Table runners and bags will also be for sale at this event.  Come and do a little holiday shopping.







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