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Lecture/Workshop for NeedleChasers of Chevy Chase

A synopsis of last week’s road trip to Chevy Chase to lecture and teach.

Kim Kellman visited my booth while at a show in Bethesda in October of 2015.  She is program chair for NeedleChasers of Chevy Chase and asked if I’d consider lecturing or offering a workshop for her quilt guild.  Thus began a series of emails back and forth over the next months.  This week I presented a lecture and workshop for them.

I was told that this was a great group and that I’d truly enjoy them.  I can confirm that this was definitely the case.  Guilds have very different personalities and this one topped them all.  They were a very eclectic group but they interacted with a strikingly positive spirit.  I was graciously hosted by Kim and her husband, Peter, in their Bethesda home.  Kim gave me a complete tour which included a considerable number of her many amazing wall quilts.  She is a talented quilter with skills in hand stitching which she often incorporates into her quilts.

Teaching quilting classes is a relatively new venture for me.  The class I taught at NeedleChasers was the Artful Couching class.  In this class we were to make a small square within a square quilt and do some simple couching on the surface.

Artful Couching

It turns out that making a square within a square quilt took quite a bit longer than I had anticipated.  Fortunately, I had some beautiful striped batiks with me in case some students didn’t have time to complete the squares.  Many students took advantage of this option and enjoyed trying out stitching circles and fiddleheads on whole cloth.  It’s a technique which is not very difficult and produces much texture on the quilt surface.

Artful Couching

Responses on my class evaluations were very positive but nearly all expressed a desire for more time to learn the couching technique.



I have modified my class listings with this in mind.  More options for couching classes have been posted on my lecture/workshop page.  You can check them out here.

Thanks to NeedleChasers for being such supportive students and hanging in there with me!  I thoroughly enjoyed my time with them and am looking forward to seeing pictures of their finished quilts!




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