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New Commissions

I had the great fortune to be asked by the administration at Souderton Mennonite Homes to create a commissioned work for their chapel.  Their current site was built on an old apple orchard so they carry that theme on some of their artwork.

This past fall I created Autumn Apple Tree

new commissions

If you wish to read more about the details of the process of making this quilt you may do so here.

As I was in the process of making the Autumn quilt, the administration inquired about the possibility of making a new quilt for each of the four seasons.  I accepted their proposal and quickly went about creating a design for the winter quilt.

Here is the resulting Winter Apple Tree.

new commissions

I wrote a more detailed blog post about the making of this quilt, as well.  You may read it here.

I feel honored to have been asked to create these pieces for the space. This winter quilt was created in the midst of moving out of our home and relocating to another home.  It was a challenge to create without a dedicated space but I learned the art of adapting. 

Patience is a virtue often attributed to me but in this case it was greatly challenged.  I hope to have my new quilting studio set up some time in January so that I can take more time in creating the next Spring installment.  I am most definitely looking forward to that day!


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