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New February Giveaway

Giveaway time is here but first a little story.

We just got back from a wonderful little spur of the moment trip to the warm southern states.  We had originally been on the wait list for the Fort Myers show but never got called – so sad!  Well, we decided we needed a true vacation which didn’t involve me sitting in a tent for a whole weekend at a time.  We packed our bags (not well enough, as it turns out) and left within an hour.

It was so wonderful to feel the temperatures warm up as we headed south.  We stayed near Richmond, then Beaufort, SC.  We kept looking at each other and kept agreeing to go further south.  We ended up in St. Petersburg, Florida where we saw the Chihuly Collection.  It was the highlight of the trip!


chihuly 1       His glass works are such an inspiration!  It was positively mesmerizing.  It also reminded me that lighting is everything.  This exhibit was well lit with reflective surfaces beneath the displays and black walls.  It made for a very dramatic effect.

We weren’t quite prepared for the very warm temps of Florida and were very sorry we hadn’t packed our bags with swim suits and sun screen.  The food was outstanding, though, and Rod captured this beautiful sunset in St. Petersburg.

We are back and refreshed!

Now, for the giveaway:

Give Aways/luckycatbag

Lucky Cat Bag Giveaway

Hope you win!



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