Art Quilt - Green is My Garden
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New Work and Art Process

This is just a quick post to update you on some new work I’ve recently listed.

The first is Green is My Garden.

Art Quilt - Green is My Garden

This began as a strictly abstract work.  You can follow the progression of decisions below.

The light blue and white shibori dyed pieces were just too white and didn’t blend well with the rest of the fabrics.  I over painted them with a transparent layer of medium blue paint until they decided to play nice.  The result below turned out much better.

I then made the decision that upper right and lower left corners needed to be flipped so I simply turned the whole work upside down.  Much more satisfying as the work now implies water and sky elements.

At this point the work was pretty strong on its own but somehow I kept having the feeling that it needed something tying all the sections together.  It needed lines to flow from one area to another around the work.  I could have done that by screen printing elements on the surface as I did in Autumn Breeze.  Somehow, that didn’t seem to fit this work.

I finally decided to applique elements of nature to surface.

I had purchased some gorgeous hand dyed silk charmeuse pieces at Quilt Odyssey in July and decided that this would be the perfect place to use them.

new work

How luscious are these?  I backed each with stablilizer and cut out floral and foliage shapes.

First was a pine branch stretching out over the upper surface.  I used green organza and charmeuse for the pine tufts.  They didn’t look too great yet but I planned to add lots of thread painting later.

new work

Next I added the floral elements to the lower portion of the quilt.  They were OK but they certainly didn’t stand out as I expected them to do.  The foliage of the iris seemed espcially lost in the green on green.


new work

I got out my yarn and began the laborious task of couching around each orange flower and all the iris leaves.  It took forever but was well worth the effort.  Here you can see it with much of the quilting finished, as well.  I was hoping not to have to couch around the iris since they were so small and intricate, but, alas, they looked lost among the heavily couched long leaves.

new work

I began the task of thread painting the pine branch and all of the tufts of pine needles.  Here’s a close up.  It takes a ton of metallic gold and polyester green thread but is quite fun to stitch.

new work

Here is my final result!  I added a little yellow paint to the iris for a pop of color.

Art Quilt - Green is My Garden art quilt - green is my garden art quilt - green is my garden

I’m very pleased with the result of this work.  I have to admit it was an exhausting process because I had not foreseen all the problems which cropped up along the way.  I found solutions for each one but they were quite labor intensive.

Another work which I just finished yesterday is Marsh Grass.  The whole cloth background speaks for itself.  It is one of the gradient fabrics from Colorways by Vicki Welsh.

art quilt - marsh sunrise

art quilt - marsh sunrise detail

I chose a lighter shade of gold silk for the sun to provide enough contrast for it to stand out.  All the foliage is painted Evolon, a non-woven fiber which I scanned from my own drawings and cut out on the my Cricut machine.  They were fused stitched down after quilting the background.

This new work was a much easier process than Green is my Garden but also a produced a very serene and effective piece.

Green is My Garden will be on exhibit and is a finalist at the Pennsylvania National Quilt Extravaganza in Oaks, Pa.  next week.

new work

If you are local and plan to attend please give me a shout out.  Let’s meet up!









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