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Pennsylvania National Quilt Extravaganza

I took the time to visit the Pennsylvania National Quilt Extravaganza last week.  I admit, I mostly go to visit the vendors and see what wonderful new fabrics I can find.  Then I make a quick circuit of the winning quilts.  This year’s highlights for me?

Here is Melinda Bula’s  “Waratah” which won first place in the Innovative category.  Gorgeous detail and shading.  Well deserved ribbon!


This is Jenny Hearn’s “Pele:  She-Who-Shapes-the-Land”.  Her work is so amazing.  Check out all the hand stitching in the detail shot.  She deserved a first place, not a third.   IMHO

Pele                 Pele - detail

Another quilt which looked rather somber was rather intriquing and was quite poignant when I read the label.  It was by Harumi Iida and it was entitled “Dream of All”.  She wrote:  At the end of the Pacific War, over 70 years ago, Tokyo’s children were evacuated to avoid the air raids that took place every night.  Separated from their familes, the children endured hunger and loneliness.  But still, each child dreamed.  This quilt is made from the Furoshiki (wrapping cloth) which is what children of that time used and I expressed their dreams using Sashiko.

Dream of All        Dream of All

And last but not least, Terry Kramzar’s “Becket Mountain Trilliums” won first place in the Wall Category.  Big congrats to Terry!   Just love this one!

Becket Mountain Trilliums

It was a very inspirational day!


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