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  • Art Print - Greeting Cards
  • Art Print - Greeting Cards
  • Art Print - Greeting Card
  • Art Print - Greeting Card
  • Art Print Greeting Card
  • Art Print Greeting Card
  • Art Print Greeting Card

Art Print Greeting Card


How better to send a personal note than on a card with a beautiful art print?  Use this blank card to send a note for any occasion.

Ready to Ship



Send someone a thoughtful art print greeting card with your own hand written message.

Scroll through all the ‘TITLES’ above in the drop down menu to see each card image. 

Shipping is free on cards.  Minimum order is four cards.  Use Code:  FREESHIP

Images of art quilts have been printed onto blank greeting cards allowing you to send them to friends and family for any occasion.  The name of each art quilt is printed on the back of the card.  A white envelope is provided as well as a plastic resealable sleeve.

Purchase an assortment and be ready for any occasion which might arise.  Do you need to send a thank you note?  Do you need to include a card with a get well message?  A personal card landing in a friends mail box is always cause for warm feelings and curiosity.

Who could it be from?  What does it say?  Is there another item included inside?  How thoughtful of someone to take the time to send a real card instead of just emailing me!

People love getting cards and art print cards are the best because the recipient may also mat and frame the card if they wish.  Win win!

All greeting cards are printed by Snapfish.  They are all prints of art quilts with a matte finish.

Each card measures 4.25″ x 5.5″.

Pick an assortment of 4 to be boxed or I can put each one in an individual plastic sleeve.  Put a note in your order if you wish them boxed.




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Looking Beyond 2, Autumn Windows, Dialogue, Forest Windows, Return to Dust, Desert Calm 2, Gingko Kimono, Layered Windows, Autumn Breeze 3, Desert Peace, Snowy Evening, Autumn Birches, Byzantine Blue 13, Green is my Garden, Lagoon, Moon Grass, Spring Grove, Vista, And Yet She Persisted, Winter Night, Dogwood Green, Dogwood Multi, Tulip Magnolia Green, Tulip Magnolia Multi, Lilac Green, Lilac Multi, Usagi, Usagi, Moon Blossoms, Resolve, Mystic Twilight, Willow


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