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Art Quilt – Desert Peace


The abstract suggestion of the sun setting over a glowing city creates a peaceful landscape.

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Imagine looking out across the desert toward a city emerging on the horizon with the last glow of the setting sun glinting off the buildings.  In this art quilt the neutral colors move from a black sky at the top to a dark charcoal and then to a sandy tan colored foreground creating a peaceful flow.

Slightly curving lines of silk suggest the effect of looking out a window at the city scape.  The design was kept simple in order to allow the beauty of the background hand dyed fabric to be viewed. The small rectangles added to the center include charcoal, bronze, gold, burgundy and metallic gold silk and prints.  Yarn is couched around the edges with metallic thread.

The  quilting of horizontal meandering lines create a sense of peace while the varying diagonal quilting lines in the hills of the landscape create more tension.  Sections of the lower portion of the work include dense quilting of small circles suggesting pebbles and angular squared off lines to create a sense of structure at the bottom.

The couching of yarns with metallic thread adds sparkle, definition and texture to the work.


There is a hanging sleeve and embroidered signature on the back.



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