• Art Quilt - Desert Window
  • Art Quilt - Desert Windows

Art Quilt – Desert Window


The suggestion of buildings glowing in the sunset across a desert  create a comforting calm.

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In this art quilt the viewer looks through an implied window to a desert oasis  beckoning in the last glow of the setting sun. 

The colors flow from a dark eggplant colored foreground to deep rust, ocre and then gold sky.  A large glowing moon hovers low in the sky.

Slightly curving lines of silk suggest the effect of looking out a window.  The simplicity of this work is it’s strength.  The  quilting of horizontal meandering lines create calm in the sky and in the hills of the landscape.  Extra interest is added with varying styles of quilting in the lower portion of the work.

Couching of yarns with metallic thread adds sparkle, definition and texture to the work.


There is a hanging sleeve and embroidered signature on the back.


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