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Provence, a Feast for the Senses

We just got home from a trip to France, Germany and Belgium, and I must say, Provence was absolute food for the soul.  We took our favorite travel guide, Rick Steve’s, advice and made Arles our home base.  We found an Airbnb right off the main square with free parking pass included, and we ventured out in our rental car for day trips into the countryside.

Our very first morning we woke up to discover the most abundant farmers market just steps from our place. Provence    

provence     provence


Needless to say, we purchased many yummy delights with which to stock our kitchen.

The small villages and towns each had their own unique features.  One highlight was Roussillon, a little town built on a huge deposit of ochre which gave all its buildings this unique red color.  It had a complete absence of modern development which, of course, added to its charm.

provence     provence

The lavender fields surrounding the town just gave off the most intoxicating and relaxing smell.

We found delightful groves of olive trees, vineyards  and more small towns to explore.

provence    provence

The whole mood was one of taking time to enjoy and relax.  Waiters never rushed us with a check in order to fill the table with the next customers.  We learned to eat more slowly and savor the whole experience.  Of course, people watching was always fun.  The French language was a challenge but people seemed to appreciate it whenever we made attempts to speak it.  People were always very kind and helpful.


If you’ve been following our travels through social media you’ve seen many more photos than I can ever post here.  I just wanted to give you a little glimpse into our time in Provence because it was so wonderful.  We felt the very strong contrast to the anxiety producing daily news cycle at home.  Just for a brief period of time it was so good to experience the beautiful soul filling sights, smells and tastes of this region.


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