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I designed this quilt after seeing Rousseau paintings and admiring the boldness of his foliage.  His work is very dark for my taste but I like the wildness.  I was also inspired by the work of Australian quilter, Gloria Loughman.  Her leaves and trees have an abstract texture that is very appealing.  I love how she uses large expanses of dyed fabrics and pieced fabrics interchangeably in her skyes.

This quilt was very labor intensive since I used so much satin stitch for the applique.  I found this to be necessary beause I used dupioni silk for the grass in the foreground and silk organza for the tall grasses.  Also, it just fit with the style and worked well BUT I found that I felt very bogged down in the process of doing it.  The hours I spent on satin stitch were so boring that I ran my machine at break neck speed and actually sewed right over my thumb.  Ouch.  There has got to be a better way.  I actually vowed I would never make another quilt in this style, only to find it sold within two hours of posting it on facebook and so many are saying it’s their favorite to date.  Go figure.  Derstine-Rousseau-detail-jpg Derstine-Rousseau-detail-jpg.2


  1. Rachel,
    I was blown away by your beautiful quilts at the Morristown Armory last weekend. They were so beautiful, that I literally lay in bed awake for over two hours in the middle of the night reviewing them in my head. Your work is astounding. I love the circles and the colors, the couching, the quilting. No wonder you are winning awards. These are gorgeous!

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