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Summer Road Trip


We are eagerly anticipating our version of the All American Road Trip!  Let me tell you how this road trip came about:

Rod and I knew we wanted to attend a family reunion in Idaho in August so we decided to design a road trip around that goal. We knew we wanted to participate in some shows along the way but we wanted to be smart about which ones to try. There were so many options so I consulted my trusty Art Fair Sourcebook and spoke with several seasoned artists to learn more. I applied to six or seven of the best rated shows which fit the schedule and locations. I was surprisingly accepted or wait listed to all but one! I signed on for more than I had originally planned but, once accepted, it was hard to pass up what so many call their best shows of the year. What emerged is the following schedule, ending up in Sun Valley, Idaho, immediately following our family reunion:

July 11-12 Art Fair on the Square, Madison, WI http://www.mmoca.org
July 15-18 Ann Arbor Street Fair, The Original, Ann Arbor, MI http://www.artfair.org
July 25-26 3rd Annual Cheesman Park Art Fest, Denver, CO http://www.dasheventsdenver.com
July 31 – Aug. 2 Crested Butte Arts Festival, Crested Butte, CO http://crestedbutteartsfestival.com
Aug. 7-9 Sun Valley Arts and Crafts Festival, Ketchum, ID http://www.sunvalleycenter.org

Cheesman Park is a relatively small and new show but it got some great reviews and fit our time frame. Ann Arbor is a show that has a long history with many stories associated with it. I was wait listed for Ann Arbor and took my name off the list after reading horror stories about artists passing out from the heat and grueling long hours. That left us with a gap in our schedule and the lingering stories in my memory from artists who consider this a bucket list show. I sheepishly emailed the organizer and requested to be added back to the wait list and got in! We’ll see…I’m nervous about crazy weather but also excited to see and get so know the artists responsible for some amazing images on these websites. We regret we won’t get all the way to the west coast this summer. The country is just too big! I did talk my friend, Rachel Miller, into driving out to Crested Butte from Napa. Can’t wait to see her again!!
We’re so anticipating hitting the open road and exploring all the beauty our country has to offer again. I hope to see many of you along the way! Check my facebook page for updates and booth numbers.
In other news:
My website is in the process of being monetized so that you can buy directly online from me. We hope to have this process completed soon and I’ll give you a heads up when it’s ready so stay tuned.

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