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The Making of Autumn Windows

Last summer I took a class with Betty Busby, whom I’ve long admired for her gorgeous hand painted art quilts.  Last week I finally had a chance to  get out those painted silks and cut outs we made in her class.

The Making of Autumn Windows

Here you can see the textured copper and teal background behind the bold teal veining.  These were papers and silk fabric which we painted in class.

Betty also had a cutting machine which she taught us how to use in class.  We each drew designs with bold black marker which she photographed and uploaded to her laptop.  Then she scanned the image into the cutting machine and we prepared painted evolon paper which the machine magically cut out in these designs.  The dark teal veining is the design which I drew.

For this quilt I decided to create another overlapping windows design.  I like how it creates depth and tension in the piece.

The Make of Autumn Windows

The diagonal shibori near the bottom is Lisa Reber’s beautiful fabric, as is most of this background fabric.  I decided to use bronze and deep gold silk in the borders of the windows and curving slivers this time.   I’m very happy with how the rich colors play well with the blue.

Finally, I had to add my favorite element, the ever present circles.  This time I added them in the quilting.

The Making of Autumn Windows

They are often partially hidden behind the windows or going off the edge of the quilt.  Some are also quilted over the windows and slivers.  It all adds a feeling of depth and looking through many layers.

I always love staging my art in someone’s imaginary living space:

The Making of Autumn Windows

You can find the listing for this quilt here:





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