trying something new
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Trying Something New

I’ve been fascinated with the whole idea of digital art.   After reading Wen Redmond’s Digital Fiber Art: Combine Photos & Fabric – Create Your Own Mixed Media Masterpiece, I decided to give it a try.  I took some photos in my back yard, ordered some inkjet print ready fabric sheets and tried a couple prints out on my printer.

trying something new

The silk prints were definitely better with more intense colors and very clear images.  The cotton ones were a bit more course but the fabric had more body.

After reading Wen’s strong recommendations about printers I decided to take advantage of the January sale at Staples and purchase one of Wen Redmond’s recommended printers which uses pigment ink rather than the regular dye based ink.  The color apparently lasts longer and does not need to be heat set. This Epson XP-440 was mine for a mere $49.99.  As I was elatedly heading to check out the sales person asked if I wanted to purchase extra ink cartridges since the included ones were not meant to last very long.  He helped me find the correct ones which came to $59.99 for a set of black and three colors.  Go figure.

trying something new

Playing around with the images in photoshop (I use Photoshop Elements 13) was totally fascinating.   My images originally looked like this.

trying something new       trying something new

I already had some experience with cutting out and altering images in photoshop.  You can see the obnoxious green wheelbarrow through the ornamental grass.  This had to be covered up with colors and textures similar to the rest of the background. As described by Wen, when you start adding blending modes all kinds of magic happens.  Here are the same photos with some new looks.


I then decided the grass would look great layered in front of the trees but first had to do the painstaking work of getting rid of the background.  Here is the final result with which I was very pleased.

trying something new

This image stayed on my wall for a few days while I ruminated about how to create something effective out of it.  I thought about creating a large background with just the grass but the background of houses and tangled shrubs just didn’t play well with the clean altered images.  I decided to save them for another project.

trying something new

I ended up dividing the altered tree/grass layered photo into four sections and bordered each with silk fabric.  I cropped the grass portion of that same photo and printed it out as the background.  Here is the end result.

trying somehting new

It measures 29″ high by 31″ wide.  Here are also some detail shots.

trying something new

trying something new

This was a learning experience for me but I loved the result.  Next time I think I’ll go smaller.  There are so many more ideas in Wen’s wonderful book.  I can’t wait to try them.

I think this could become addicting….

Please let me know your thoughts.



You can find the link to the sale page for this quilt here.






  1. This is so gorgeous! I just placed a hold on Wen Redmond’s book at my local library. You really lucked out on that printer! Your work is so inspiring. Thanks for sharing your process.

    1. Thanks so much! I also find Wen Redmond’s process so fascinating. Can’t wait until I have time to try some more things from her book. Best wishes to you as you jump in!

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