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Up from the Ashes

PassagesSome of you may recall an accident I had last year when one of my halogen spotlight clamps came loose while setting up a show.  It slowly lowered and came to rest on one wall of my booth, burning a hole through one quilt, melting a hole in the mesh wall and burning another spot in a second quilt.  In all, about a $1000 of damage.   The above quilt, named Passages was one of them.  Here is the burn on the back and the definitely discoloration on the front.  I left it hanging in the closet for months, feeling discouraged and having no inspiration for how to fix it.


Last week I finally decided to tackle the job.  I cut out the hole and added a patch to the back.

Burn-1I then fused a piece of batting in through the front and then decided to applique some flowers onto the surface.  At first I thought sunflowers would be nice but the colors just faded into the background.  Poppies seemed to be the simplest and best contrasting color so here is the result.

Burn-2I quilted them separately and then cut them out, batting and all, and appliqued them to the surface.  I stitched down all the raw edges with a zig zag stitch with invisible thread. I also couched around all the raw edges.  Here are some close ups.


All in all, I’m pretty pleased with how it turned out.  It’s certainly bright and makes a statement!


  1. The trick is to make the fix look intentional which you’ve done. I find it ironic that the original design of the quilt with all those shades of fire made it look like it was already ablaze. Love the flowers you added. Can you add one of those flowers on the back with your signature?

  2. Absolutely Beautiful! I love the story and the creative work to Spring forth new life in a dark dormant place. What a metaphor of our redemption

  3. Beautiful! I had to do something similar once. I was pregnant, teaching chemistry, and splashed sulfuric acid on a borrowed wool maternity jumper. I washed it, of course, then wondered how to handle the holes. I used wool yarn to embroider flowers, stems and leaves, and it turned out better than before, too!

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