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Visiting a Quilt Show

It’s always so inspiring to visit a quilt show and see what new innovative things these artists are doing.  It always gets the creative juices flowing.

You can see the winners for this year here.   The highlight of the show for me was seeing the Cherrywood Van Gogh Challenge.  I realize the ultimate goal if the Cherrywood company is to sell more of their fabric, which is gorgeous, by the way.  BUT, the contestants truly out do themselves in finding ways to use fabric in such innovative ways to replicate what Van Gogh did with paint.  It was just fascinating!

Visit to a Quilt Show

This last image gives you some perspective on the size of this exhibit.  All that blue and gold was a feast for the eyes.  These quilts were all 20″ x 20″ and were packed with such fine details.  Learn more about this exhibit here and find out when it will be traveling near you.  It is a must see!

A couple of other highlights were this amazing quilt from Japan

Visit to a quilt show

and these two from Korea

visiting a quilt show

visiting a quilt show

and this one completely made of silk with paint screened onto the surface.

There were so many more but I don’t have room here to go into all the details.  Just saying, quilters are amazing artists and deserve more recognition for their artistry.



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